Maldives: Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Maldives is nation made up of atolls spanning over 500 miles (+800km). It is the jewel of the Indian Ocean. There are many reasons you should visit this special place, but here are our top five.

  1. Waves

    The waves in the Maldives break mechanically along the coral reef making each wave a perfect canvas to express your SUP surf style. There are distinct surf seasons, yet when you have the right guide, you can always find uncrowded waves that fit your surfing ability.

  2. Marine Life

    There is a biodiverse world below the surface of the water, filled with wonder. You can explore the reef system and see hundreds of colourful species of fish. The Maldives is made up of atolls which are the tips of extinct underground volcanoes covered in coral reef. The inner reef provides calm snorkelling locations and the outer deeper reef can offer wildlife sightings around every corner. With an experienced marine guide, you can understand how and why this unique environment exists.

  3. Maldives Culture

    The Maldives is an island nation with religious practises that date back hundreds of years. Each morning and afternoon you will hear the call to prayer from inhabited islands, reminding you of the rich islamic history within the country. Being surrounded by the ocean has also shaped Maldivian communities and the way they live their life.

  4. Maldives Cuisine

    Fresh and dried fish is served with (almost) every meal in the Maldives. Fish is a staple meal for Maldivian people and when eating fish caught by sustainable fishing techniques (such as poll and line), you are able to enjoy eating wild fish in many different culinary styles.

  5. Blue space

    When you’re surrounded by the ocean each day, you can use it as sacred space for learning and relaxation with all the added benefits that come with spending time on the water. Travel With A Paddle aims to protect our ocean and create positive experiences in the water which promote positive mental health.

To experience these highlights for yourself, sign up for one of our SUP surf boat trips in the Maldives. Running each year, they are a fantastic opportunity for ocean lovers to improve their SUP surfing and learn more about the natural environment around them.

Oriental sweetlip fish in the Maldives
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