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A SUP surfing paradise.

Waves in the Maldives break mechanically along the coral reef which allows you to progress and improve your SUP surfing. 

The reef is covered by deep water and this makes the waves slower, easier to surf and safer for SUP surfers when compared to other reef breaks destinations.

We offer boat trips and Resort accommodation in the Maldives.

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Maldives SUP Surf Coaching Boat Trip with Marine Education

4 – 14 October, 2023

US$ 4,890pp for SUP Surfers

Non-surfer partner/friend discount

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Our head guide, Beau Nixon, has spent over 10 years visiting and working in the Maldives. He knows every break from the northern most atolls to the southern most atolls and every wave in between. So when you book a SUP holiday with us, you will be placed in the right spot at the the right time.

Depending on your preference, you can book a coaching trip, a family holiday or request daily swell forecast emails. As well as surfing, you can explore beautiful lagoons and sandy beaches.

Wondering how to get your board there? Email us to find out.

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