Maldives SUP Surf Trips

The Maldives are by far one of the best places on earth for a SUP surf trip.

You will find a mix of left and right breaking waves that vary in size, speed and power. What makes the Maldives perfect for SUP surfing is the deep water reefs which don’t make the wave too shallow or fast. Plus, there is a channel next to every surf break which makes the paddle out easy peasy. There’s no battling through the white water to reach the line-up.

Our founder Beau has spent over 12 years working as a surf guide all over the Maldives and knows every intricate detail about the swell, tide, currents, where to position for the best waves, what time to surf to avoid crowds and a whole load of secret spots. You can be assured that you will be armed with the best and most up to date knowledge when booking your trip.

If you’re interested in SUP surf coaching, check out our group trips which incorporate technique analysis with marine education, perfect for SUP surfers with non-surfing partners. 
Alternatively, get a group of at least four SUP surfers or more and you can book an exclusive private coaching trip with Australian SUP champion Beau Nixon. 
Or, book a resort stay and we can stay in touch with surf forecast updates on where to surf each day.

Group Coaching Trips

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