Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment for 2023

Travel With A Paddle understands that in order to carry out our mission of helping our guests connect and protect the environment, we need to take a strong safeguarding stance. Not only to set a good example, but also to ensure the unspoilt, biodiverse locations we are trying to protect are able to stay that way.

Our operations involve visiting the natural surroundings and cultures of countries in both tropical and temperate climates. Within most of these locations are habitats and marine species of ecological significance. We understand that our operations could have negative impacts on the environment and community if not properly managed.

That is why we commit to a number of environmental actions such as tracking and offsetting our carbon footprint, carefully choosing our partners and minimising and safely disposing of our waste. 

We work to continually minimise our carbon footprint and offset our emissions as a business whilst encouraging our guests to do the same. We track and reduce our energy whilst working in the office and on location. We use a renewable energy provider for our UK office and calculate our business transport emissions. After each travel trip we offset our transport emissions by partnering with a registered reforestation charity.  

Whilst working overseas, we strive to only partner with sustainable and local businesses that will give back to their local community. We also work to dispose of domestic waste responsibly and whilst on trips in nations without robust waste management services, we partner with grassroots recycling initiatives.

During each trip with our guests, marine conservation education is offered throughout and our environmental goals are discussed openly with opportunities to discuss improvements.

We have our Marine Biologist and Sustainability Manager, Clare Baranowski, acting with responsibility for improving the business’ environmental performance. She is supported by the Travel With A Paddle team and offers training to all.

We encourage our partners, guests, supporters, stakeholders and team to commit to our environmental policy. Our policy is publicly available on our website.

Beau Nixon

SUP Guru/Travel Advisor

B. Nixon

Clare Baranowski

Marine Biologist & Sustainability Manager

C. Baranowski

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